DOTA Underlords release trailer

A portion of my work on the DOTA Underlords trailer, done in collaboration between Valve and the Lost Cosmonauts.

Based on a rough animatic video provided, I've established the initial look of the picture and design of various elements seen throughout. Aiding general art direction during the entirety of production, I've been providing additional concept art, paintovers, iterative sketches during daily meetings, and some of the 3d and 2d assets.

The overall shot and lighting composition, architecture design, the lighthouse towers meshes, and the 2d background elements


2d elements for the interior, and Momma Eeb hand design


shot and lighting composition, design of all in-scene elements, basic 3d milemarkers meshes


lighting direction, part of the background assets, and the milemarkers for each of the hero entrance shots



a poster I've made at the end of the production:

release banner: