DOTA 2 - Snapfire

Had a wonderful experience earlier this month,
working on the Snapfire hero reveal trailer for DOTA 2, aired at The International 2019

Working alongside Valve as a part of the Lost Cosmonauts crew, I've been responsible for the 2D portion of the work, providing concept art during the entirety of production, the skybox elements, and various minor texture work.
The end title screen and the hero name "SNAPFIRE" text are my doings too.

Clouds for the skybox, 10 shapes lit from 6 angles, 60 cards in total,
the in-engine implementation and placement in-scene was largely done by Szabó "Maxxy" Attila:

Some of the cloud shapes and graphics integrated into the game client:

The final "photo" edit, the hero name, and the secondary text design for the marketing title image:

Freehand lettering for the original and the localized Chinese hero names:

The final title images in Chinese, English, and Russian:

A poster thing I've made to celebrate the end of the production:

Wallpaper edits based on the image are in an archive here