Project Borealis: Update 5

Some of the work I did that got into the Update 5 on the development of Project Borealis

some of the environmental explorations

and a bit of preliminary work on remastering of the original hl2 models, along with a take on the makeshift snowmobile, sharing the aesthetics and general feel with the autopark of the Half-Life 2 and it's episodes.

Check out the full report on our youtube channel

all of the pics with a few more edits and wip shots are available on the artstation


A little before the release of the Update 5 we've also updated our website.
I've designed initial concept mockups, the implementation of which laid on the shoulders of our talented IT department.
Aiming for the look of hl2 main/pause menu ui quite heavily, in retrospect I'm glad the team cut back on some of the elements for a pleasant middleground.