Sigillum Sanguis

Initially made for the Imperial Library's 20th Anniversary.
I've had the idea flowing around for a while, and the contest felt like an appropriate excuse to finally execute upon it.

Thanks to everyone involved and Lady Nerevar for the opportunity.

The time to get the pic done was limited, so in trying to adapt to that I relied on the techniques used in concept art more heavily. I generally consider painting already existing things from scratch redundant, if a chosen style allows for using photographs as a base.

The appearance of characters is based on Elder Scrolls related personalities, Eldamil and myself. The seventh figure in the foreground is intentionally anonymous, in keeping with the Elder Scrolls idea of being able to project yourself onto the main hero.
The outfit is based on a mix between the robes from both Oblivion and Skyrim. The intention was to make it more visually interesting than oblivion's, while keeping it more grounded than skyrim's.
As a replacement for the little pendant on the original model (which is the same on all the robes in-game, as it's the same model for multiple items) there is this thing. The one bearing the stone got it in gold, the others in silver, maybe. It's sort of a way to distinguish different ranks among the cult.

It is a fairly basic design, which is partly why I couldn't resist making the symbol for the pic later

there are 2560x1440 uw and 2560x1080 desktop and a few mobile wallpapers.

The illustration and the logo thing are both available as prints

The concept of the picture might not be easily readable, so here's a description:

As far as I'm aware, the process of opening an oblivion gate (to the mehrunes dagon plane specifically) is never explained in-game or otherwise, but mythic dawn are clearly related. Among them is an altmer named Eldamil, who it is said, was responsible for opening the gates at Kvatch. The pic shows a party of cultists, tasked with executing said siege. Eldamil is at the center, carrying a sigil stone to be used in the opening ritual. The ritual would include a sacrifice, forming the "blood seal" in the shape of the high chamber and the gate itself. Symbolically, the scene takes place at dawn.

The name Sigillum Sanguis is a reference to the chamber atop a Sigil Keep, where Sigil Stones are kept, linking the worlds together.

TLDR the pic is based entirely off a line from the UESP:
"The words "sigillum" and "sanguis" are Latin. Combined they can be translated into Blood Seal"

Thank you