Project Borealis

With the release of Update 4 on the progress that's been going on at Project Borealis, I thought I'd share some of the work I did as a part of the team so far.

A little portion of the winterized version of the Ravenholm we're working on for our tech demo

which is explained a bit more in the update video:

the entrance shot with an edit by YakovlevArt done further into the development

The 360 pic mentioned in the video, which was more of an experiment for me. The subject matter seemed like a suitable excuse to try the technique out

here is the file too, for anyone who might want to use it

First attempts at Alyx's look for the wintery conditions from the update 3, with an edit from YakovlevArt

And the Gordon Freeman's Crowbar, featured in the precursor to our more than 2, but less than 4 update earlier this year. Notice the poster by Joschka Bläker on the left there

All of the above pics and some more are up on the artstation