Omen of Osiris

A DOTA 2 set for The International 2018  I helped create

I came up with the overall design, exploring the subterranean theme of this year's collector's cache.

With the Outworld Devourer being the character initially named Obsidian Destroyer, and him mentioning eclipses and the like in some of his voicelines(nevermind the general sphinx-like appearance), diving into Egyptian tombs for inspiration seemed like a natural decision.

Things I kept in mind, coming up with the look, were some keywords I set for myself based on the character's info. Namely: serrated wings, eclipses, obsidian, guardian/sentry, survivor. That and him being super intelligent.

The final model (work of the talented tarantine with some help from wonderful woozlez) does deviate a little from the original concept, as to be expected, but the tone and the look are conveyed rather well.

See the model and vote for the set to be featured ingame at the workshop page

For the high res image see artstation.