Glory of Cyrodiil

Emperor Uriel Septim's Robes I did for the Skyblivion, a part of the TESRenewal project.
Patrick Stewart, who did the voiceover for the character in Oblivion, felt like the only possible pick for character's likeness. In the end, decided to edit the face a bit, to match the in-game npc too.

I've tried to come up with a somewhat practical look for the attire, while making it as gameplay friendly as possible, preserving the color palette and ornaments' general layout of the original.
Set is complete with a Red Dragon Crown, which's supposed to represent a set of sharp teeth.

Implementing an actual chestplate was an intuitive decision.
Despite overall apathetic mood of the character, it's clear the blades are trying their best to protect their emperor, so I like to imagine they'd equip him with at least some basic armor, even if despite his will.

Thank you and have the original sketch as a bonus.
Image is up on the artstation, deviantart and cgplus.