Last Night's Storm

A piece I did in this last couple of days as a break from clients work,
celebrating my everlasting love for morrowind.
Pictured here is a scene preceding the first minutes of the game, with Jiub and Nerevarine aboard the prison ship going through a stormy night.
With Jiub's appearance rather straightforward, not allowing many deviations, I've made Nerevarine to resemble the image used in various promotional materials as well as pictured on the game box of some versions. I've tried to keep the Incarnate as genderless as possible too, knowing a lot of people picture them as a female.

For any and all print versions, check the prints page here on the blog.

You may use the image for whatever purpose you would want as long as it's non-profitable, you don't alter the image in any way and give me full credit providing a link to this blog. Thank you and  I hope you'll find it usefull (:
For the free download of 2560x1440 file, go to the dA gallery.