The Horror of Far Harbor

This one started as a joke me and my brother came up with one day, talking about the overly bright glow of the cigarettes in Fallout 4.
 I've initially wanted to make it a dungeon scene with a random character, but in the process figured that Nick is the one smoking character most players saw on at least one occasion in their playthrough.
Capturing the look of everyone's favourite detective, I was thinking of a scene I could throw him into. As I was aiming for a dark and gloomy setting from the start, figured I could mix some lovecraft in it as well.

All in all, as I'm a huge fan of both bethesda and lovecraft, you ould say this one came out naturally.

Here are some Hubris Comics-like edits. I chose the AAT series as I felt it was the most fitting


wip-wise there isn't much to show, but for anyone interested anyway:

The pic is on devianart, artstation, cgplus and virink. There's an imgur album too.