Face of the Coin

Massive full-size image is on the dA

Tiber Septim for an Elder Scrolls fan project.

He's wearing the Imperial Dragon Armor, slightly altered here and there to look and feel somewhat more believable - the original set from the Oblivion does look plastic imo (though if to think of it with all the limitations taken into account, which did have place back then, that is, well, reasonable).

His cloak is red and so is the color of the stream beneath his feet - I didn't really mean to place him into blood, but at some point it just felt appropriate to put a stress on the fact that he is one hell of a conqueror.
The Empire color is red too, so bonus.

Oh, and the city in the background is being partially burned by the tongue of Nafaalilargus, who is (or better say - was), according to the lore, the Emperor's loyal friend. "The Proud Jewel of the Imperial Crown".

Painting Tiber's portrait was just a bunch of suggestions thrown together onto the canvas - suggestions from the pictures I've managed to find:

It was a little, but still, help.

And probably the most valuable reference anyone could get for that (for the lack of a good camera, here's a well-known pic from the internets), is a drake.