Adventures Road

A piece to celebrate Elder Scrolls' Anthology collection

As I'm a big admirer of the game series, I've approached the task quite seriously, so every part of it's been thought-out carefully.

I've named the piece "Adventures Road", because the whole composition of it is obviously based off the Beatles eleventh album "Abbey Road". But it's not the only reasoning behind the title.

The now pretty famous saying of an arrow in the knee in the russian-localized version of the game Skyrim sounds this way which is "I used to follow the road of adventures too, and then I took an arrow in the knee". So yep, that is it.

Now off to some of the details, so the piece will be easier to read for everyone, not a few:

This is the center of the thing.
The Imperial City here is accompanied by the Adamantine Tower (Cyrodiil and the Balfiera isle met! wat!). They both are located at the feet of Hrothgar and the Red Mountain, encircled by the Ghostfence. To the right of the High Hrothgar is the ancient tomb of the Bleak Falls Barrow nested on a distant mountain. And what is that, lying in the almost-very center of the image? Being an annoying eyesore? That is the city of Whiterun.

Even more to the right there's the Cloud Ruler Temple - quite a significant place, isn't it? - with a closed oblivion gate before it.
And a couple close-ups of the Bleak Falls and the Whiterun

You may rightfully ask me now - "How come all these places are so close to each other? Why are you so ignorant? That is not possible! Go read some lore, go play some games!.."

Well, I shall answer, that is because all the heroes are here, walking across the same road. Even though some of them were born in the times when the others died long ago. That is because all the wonderful games are sharing the same box now! And that is so, because all these places played a more or less significant part in the story of each hero.

And that are not all the places I've included yet. Here is a few from the "spin-offs", if you can call them so, too: the Battlespire and the floating city of Umbriel

And a bit of a glimpse on a nostalgic place for all of you (of us)

The Heroes now! Let me just list all the things they're carrying.
That's already too much of a text for all the internets and beyond, as I presume.

(sorry all the heroes mixed up - the blogger's a mess with this things)

The Sheogorath Champion of the Cyrodiil is also here!

The Arena hero: Ogma Infinium (the hero's from the first game - probably knows the most), Chrysamere and the Staff of Chaos (main story item), Lord's Mail.
Overall - your typical knight in shining armour. Imperial (as he travels all the Empire in his journey, why wouldn't he most likely be an Imperial?).

The Daggerfall hero: Spellbreaker, Magnus Staff and the Mantella (main story item).
Overall - typical breton aspiring mage.

The Nerevarine: Boots of Blinding Speed (probably my favourite item from the game), Dwemer Cogs (they are so expensive...yet so heavy.), Keening and Sunder (on his belt with the cogs), Hunter's Spear and the Wraithguard which he's holding the Fork of Horripilation with.
Overall - nerevarine.

Champion of Cyrodiil: his dress and numerous Sigil Stones.
Overall - Sheogorath.

The Dragonborn: set of Dragonbone armor, Sword and Staff of Miraak, Konahrik, a couple Elder Scrolls (he's abusing those papers during the course of his story, isn't he) and a few wood logs he's carrying (Hearthfire anyone?)
Overall - typical dragon slayer. really?

And now I'm happy to tell you that the story behind the piece is over! That is all!
Here's the piece itself, sorry for the delay(preparations)

Thanks a ton for reading, if you were and enjoy!