Crackpot - Saxxy Awards 2013

The guys who I've made the "Gristly Gumbo Pot" with (which got accepted, by the way!) decided to take part in the Saxxy Awards films competition this year.

The entry tells the story told in our comic we've been "promoting" the item with.

Even though some of us would really want to extend the movie,we went for the "short" category instead
cause of the practical reasons. 

The total of eighteen people have been working on the cartoon (if I may call it so) - the full list can be seen in the video's description.

I've contributed with some 2d - the backgrounds (hills seen in the distance), all the pyroland ground textures (along with the milky river) and concept art pieces for pretty much everything seen in the pyroland:
short and simple process of making the pyroland ground texture

Props for the Pyroland scenes, milky river cliff texture and backgrounds (four planes, here combined into one)

Main concept piece for the pyroland scenery, based off official concepts.

That is all to tell about this entry for now! Later on we'll release all the custom models we've done and, perhaps, some additional stuff. I'll tweet where the are available. When they are.

Be sure to rate the entry up on it's page from now, Nov 18th, untill the Nov 24th.

in case you love it so much, of course.

Thanks a lot!