The Elder Scrolls Online poster challenge

Initial idea for the piece generated without a peep.
Three single heroes from each alliance battling each other
with the white gold tower under the Molag Bal's siege in the background.              

A ~day later I sat down to paint furher.
On this stage I defined the poses to be a little more
expressive and have them help the composition somehow.
The idea with the Tamriel map shown itself here as well.

When working on the smaller details (just a bit of "lineart" for now)
and the lighting-color I've had some doubts concerning the center
figure - the orc - and tried a different pose.
"Too much symmetry".

In the process the canvas usually looks like this, yep.
Defining details. The painting process now, as all the lines
are pretty much done.

Adding some magic light on the argonian.
And the hands, yes

I've been capturing pics of my hands all the way through,
thanks to my younger brother Robert, who refused to
pose me for a couple shots.
So all the five (what?) hands on the piece are mine.
That's to be considered normal, though,
as the goblin and Cthulhu, for instance,  are no exception.

Argonian got some armour on and is finished in general,
so it's about time to

add some color!
And by the way - it's my first experience in a quite long time
painting Mainly with color.
Usually I add it in the last few dozen minutes.
So yes - practice! 

More detailz for the other combatants and some color as well
Painting khajiit.

Khajiit's ready. Some more work on the lighting and color.
Placing the map in place.
A bit of work on the fire is happening here too.

More fireworkz! Making the map more accurate.

With many more detailz have putted in, the piece is done

Souless Ones

It's on the dA too, for those interested - there you can grab the full-size copy.
Here's a glance on that too!

Some of this stuff may be not-so-visible, but sure as all the hellz, included on purpose.
Let's begin:

Each hero has certain things, that can tell a little about their allegiance to the respective faction
all based on the official map

Ebonheart Pact
Red markings on the argonian's skin (or is it "on scales" to be polite and correct?)

Daggerfall Covenant
The rugs on the orc's waist were blue enough before all the fire started, but now it's not as much visible.
But the metal thing on it still is pretty much does remind of the empire dragon logo in it's form.

Aldmeri Dominion
Again, not as much noticeable, but nonetheless - ornament on the khajiit's shirt is yellow.

Fiery lava at the feet of our heroes is an actual map of Tamriel.
There's Imperial City in the centre of the City island surrounded by the Rumare lake, burning in eerie blue fires. Elden Root, the "capital" of sorts in the province of Valenwood. And, just for a note, Whiterun in the middle of Skyrim tundra plains. Well, right between the orc's legz, actually.

The khajiit, being (as they should be) a sneaky-trycky, nasty, lousy bastard have his primary weapon dipped in poison - that's the reason it "glows" so and leaves a cloud of acrid fume on it's track for a while.
On his belts he has an elven knife, which also tells us he might be in good relations with some altmer.
The argonian isn't that plain and simple too - having a spell ready to strike the foe's face with, and a shiny blade in his other hand, he also have at least a couple throwing knifes always prepared.

What may be interesting about the brute orc? That's quite a question. He may not be as cunning as either of his opponents, but he's sharp and watchful enough - might be running towards the cat, but his eyes are turned on the lizard.

lol, how else would you show that?

And one more detail
Signing the artwork I've noticed it's of almost identically equal composition elements placement and color theme as my ~first elder scrolls digital piece - the Berne Deception. Weird!

Thanks for reading\scrolling through the pictures. Hopefully you find this any useful! Or entertaining. Or else.
Thanks anyway.

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