A brief story of my entry for the Tomb Raider Reborn contest,held by
deviantARTSquare Enix and Crystal Dynamics

It started, as always, from a few rough ideas which first came to mind

The right most (which is kind of a continuation of the idea from the left one) seemed interesting enough to go on with, so I've gone further with it

After trying a few variants I've chosen one to work with and started rendering

And even went on with the Lara's face and figure overall

As I was staring at the work more and more (yep, it's quite inevitable when working on something) it was becoming more and more boring, so I decided to, at least, change the environment
and had to start Lara over, as the pose changed a bit

Working on the new variant I've been checking the contest's gallery from time to time and eventually figured that the composition was obviously very much "generic" (relative to all the other works), so came up with a few more variants

Lara looking into a chest (the colored one) seemed interesting in concept, but not as interesting in it's composition. And as the time was running short I decided merging the other three sketches into one would be a better idea

The lighting variant on the left seemed more interesting (and justified), so chose that to work with.
Then tried adding additional elements - Lara's weapons

Bow\bow&pistol was the choice.

About time to start refining one of these.
Played a bit with the bow
(already chose the pistol - first one from the two above)

Thought a bit of whether it be better if the bow would be lying on the Lara, or be it hanging on the string

Weapons are all fine now - time to define a different part

And more different (pulled the straps off here, so it be easier to detail these parts)

Quite the same routine with all the rest and so the bw part of the work is completed.

Now it's the coloring and adding little decals like blood splatters

The work's almost done - time for some little tweaks and corrections like adding a bit of blur here and there, noise overall the picture, playing with colors and brightness-contrast and so on.

Thanks for your time, hope you like and enjoy this little "walkthrough"