Traces of Death

A rather long while ago russian TES-fan portal ESN along with a digital distribution store held an illustration contest - Traces of Death (or "faces of", to be precise in translation)

"Faces of Death" - a theme dedicated to murders in the world of TES. What does the victim see in the last moments of their life, what appears before the Emperor in his nightmares, what causes trembling in the knees of Riften guards' at night..."

It's an Elder Scrolls contest
Its theme quite eerie and moody.
So I entered.


Here there be sketchez:
And the final piece
started with doodling
the idea up on paper
understood what composition I want.
sketched a few variants of the main char.
sketched up the piece
the way I want to get it done

so got it done
(these are just different color variantz mainly)

Have been utterly dissatisfied with the work when sent it, but it turned out it's rather just my mind that makes it look like crap. But I still tend to trust it.

Got the first place - the trophy is a digital copy of Dishonored - one of the most beautifully executed and satisfying games from what I've seen in a while (and I've seen quite a lot indeed, lol)
It's a pity though, that they didn't showcase all the entries - there's just this piece of mine and the winning short stories (which are great and very fun to read. I have even been considering illustrating those (:

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy!