Hircine - fourth of the Daerda Lords

It is the fourth Daerda Lord made by me. Technically.
All the three previous ones were, more or less, just my renditions of the Shrines made by Bethesda's artists.
They are great, but aren't quite mine.
Thus I seriously think about re-painting them. Hermaeus Mora, Nocturnal and Sheogorath.

It was damn long time since I finished Sheogorath. There was no time to get to working on this piece - I've been pretty much overwhelmed by all the studyingz, contestz, work and stuff. So it's a huge relief for me, to finally have Hircine finished. Makes me feel quite happy when I think about it, yes. xD

Even though I didn't have time to create a .psd file for this and start working on him for a pretty long time, I've had some to doodle in my sketchbook.
Here be sketchez!

Let's start with the earliest onez:
These two, I'd say, based on the Hircine's Shrine
From the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Not much of anything special here.

Here I've experimented with his head and pose a bit. Especially with expression on his face - the look of eyes on the sketch in the middle.
A bit of working with deers' skullz here.
Working with idea of placing his "hounds" next to him. A bit of posing him again.

Here are finally some rather drastic experiments with his overall appearance, with his costume, armour or whatever. Even with his head.
or okay - maybe these are just his greatest worshipperz. His Priestz.


Last random sketch (and even a doodle in photoshop!)

Final doodlez:

Here I still wasn't sure whether to make his head a normal deer one or just an "empty" skull.

Dooling werevolves, werebearz.

Came up with the idea of Hircine holding a horn.

Thinking about the pose for this.

The horn's look and stuff.

Got the final pose, the costume and decided to make him deerfaced (sorrywhat?)

Around this time I got highly inspired after seeing the first screenshot of Azura's shrine from Skyrim. The sizes of it were amazing. Before that I thought noone would build or it wouldn't even be possible for anyone from all the Tamriel to build a statue of such sizes, so after I saw that shrine I got my limits off. Quite Completely.

These three screenshots are of the work done on the final image by the end of every day I've been working on it. So it was done in three days. On the fourth day I've just added colors.

To see all the little detailz see the painting of original sizes: 3571 pixels wide on 5000 pixels high.


The next painting in this series is going to be the Azura's one, according to the poll's results from the topic on the Bethesda's forums. If you'd like me to paint any other first - feel free to register out there and get you vote involved! Cause I rly don't feel like painting Azura. xD

Or if you think I should indeed redo the first three shrines - feel free to tell me about it as well.
Email me, post a message in the topic or just leave a comment right here, below this post. Whatever way you choose, just let me know! xD
I'm happy to get any response from you.

Hope you do enjoy
Till the next time
Good luck and God bless