BAG - Blizzard Accounts Guardian

A few days ago I've made an artwork for the Blizzard's "Guardian of Accounts" contest. The idea for this piece came to my mind quite accidently indeed. I don't think I've made everything clear though, so here's a bit of explanation: character's helmet is a bit like a mask some doctors used to wear in the times of plague in the Medieval ages and the times of Renaissance (they've used it to protect themselves from the "miasmic" bad air - in other words, to prevent themselves from being deseased). And the GlassCovered-like building in the center of this piece was supposed to be something like a stronghold, where some rather abstract gamer playz in peace, being guarded and protected from all kinds of threats by the masked guys outside.
So yep, that's pretty much it.

All in all I'm pretty happy with how it does look, but there's a couple things which I'd do different - the line between the building and the ground
and the "doctor's" hand, which's behind the gun. These things just freak me out a bit now. xD
Oh, and I really do hope It'll go with this point in the official contest's rules:
Article 8
: General conditions.
Entrants have to create an artwork, and/or a screenshot, and/or picture based on the Blizzard’s games “World of Warcraft” and/or “StarCraft II”, depicting characters or creatures protecting/fending off others characters/creatures (the “Entry Materials”).

And a rather boring (for some reason it is for me. no idea why) video depicting the process of working on this piece:

I didn't start capturing from the very beginning, as you can see - it was just a random in-process idea.