By the Seven Roads - 1st webdesign xp

A while ago administrators of the (one of the russian TES fan sites) asked me to paint a background for the site. 
At the time when they asked me to do it I was in Moscow - away from my pc and the tablet. So the only toolz I had at that moment, were a pencil and some paper.
They've provided me the initial "concept" so I've started working like "without a peep".
On the paper it all looked like this

They liked it all in all and so the final work looks pretty similar:

The board above the news says "By the Seven Roads" - the original name of the site.
They even have their own plugin for Oblivion out there.

Every little thing is removable, so it's possible to adjust the picture at any time as they might want to: the news board, stuff on the shelves, on the bar table - everything:

The website is

(Funny fact: they didn't change their webdesign ever since the site was created so it was more like they needed a new one)