About the Illustration for the Elder Scrolls book

A while ago I came across some rather old works for a few pieces of mine (which are somewhere on the Internet already) in my sketchbook and decided to show a few of them.

As you may know, for the russian Elder Scrolls Illustration contest I have illustrated the Trap note. But the "Berne's Deception" isn't the initial idea for the work I've had on my mind - before that I wanted to depict just a moment from the text (yeah, maybe stylized somehow here and there). The moment when the "Anonymous" was running away from the town and the ones he had been hunted by.
Pretty luckily for me I haven't spent too much time on it, so there is not much to show.
On the left is the beginning of the work, based on the sketches (which are in the centre and on the right) I've done on paper beforehand, thinking, "concepting".

Illustrating Trap wasn't the only idea though - "Five Songs of King Wulfharth"
and "the Black Arrow", for example, both seemed pretty nice as well. At some point in time I even thought about illustrating a few. The Trap and the Wulfharth

But eventually I've returned for the Trap and started working hard and concepting only that.

Some people pointed out, that the "manor" on the artwork doesn't look like it's somewhere (anywhere) on the Vvardenfell.
So, here is a little explanation - drawing a stereotype "gothic castle" whith a handful of vampires at that time was pretty easy. I've been stressed with time and everything (have been passing exams almost simultaneously) and it's a lot easier to assotiate vampires with that sort of architecture. Sure thing that if there was a little more time to work on it and anyhow less stress from my parents and teachers I'd design something a bit more "original".


Here is the only sorta WIP screenshot of the "Berne's Deception":

All the layers (without coloring):

And a little extra - a closer look in higher definition at some of the details in the artwork:

Well, that's all about the Berne for now.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour
A pleasure to be your guide :D

Sing up anywhere and stay tuned for moar
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