The Elder Scrolls Illustration contest

The Elder Scrolls In-game Illustration contest, which I have written about a while ago has ended (a couple of weeks aldready, in fact).
It's been held from May to July 2011 by a group of people who own a website dedicated to The Elder Scrolls-related contests, of the russian fan-community of the series of games.
Winners were chosen by the voting among the community.
Here is the gallery of all the participants:

The First place belongs to the Illustration for the Morrowind Ingame book

which author is Alfred Khamidullin, the Hieronymus7Z

The Second place belongs to the Illustration for the Morrowind Ingame book
"Five Songs of King Wulfharth"

which author is Ljuton

The Third place belongs to the Illustration for the Oblivion SI Ingame book
"Sixteen Accords of Madness, volume XII"
which author is Eugenia Shavyrina

 As the winner I've been interviewed by a few websites, among which is - interview is here, though it's on russian.
Also there is my work in the Tamriel Chronicle's gallery
And here are some links about the contest on some russian TES fan sites:
Anvil Bay
Tamriel Chronicles

Organizers had a really great competition on a high level.They've been observing the voting progress all the way through and have been weekly publishing the intermediate resuls of it.
I was completely amazed when a few days ago they've notified me and wrote on the Contest's website that an actual Prize is ready and waiting for me to receive it.
I got it today - they hired a courier to deliver the prize right to my door.

It says "Hieronymus7Z

to the winner
of the First Drawing Competition
The Elder Scrolls
community project
May-July 2011

I thank every sinlge person who gave me the highest mark in the competition, who appreaciate the work I do, all the organizers of the project (Thank you Tiara, TJ , Marfa, SLAG, Skrib, Red Witch, Quizy, Kar the darkness warrior, Mark K Marzell, Qui-Gon-Jinn, Vladimir and varjag) , the Bethesda Softworks Studio, Todd Howard ( :D ) and all the people who work or have ever worked on the creation of
Elder Scrolls Universe.