Igromania's Art contest related to the game "Duke Nukem Forever"

Igromania (Игромания) is a monthly Russian games magazine published in Moscow and distributed mostly in Russia and the CIS countries.
More than a month ago on their website they've published the article about that Art Contest.
It was weld by the Igromania itself and the 1C-SoftClub company.
Participants had to draw a picture (on any theme) actually IN the game's demo - there is an interactive drawing board in the very beginning of the first level.
I found out about the contest while I was in Moscow, away from my PC and was pretty damn worried that I won't be able to get back home at time. Luckily I was at home before the contest's deadline and I still had time to execute the drawing ingame, which I already had some sketches for, done in Moscow on a paper.
There was a pretty long silence before the results were finally published, what has happened today, a few hours ago.
And so, according to the info given out there the mankind who took the first place is
Alfred Khamidullin the H7Z, with this very picture, which is given upper in this topic.
Here is a little sketch I made in Moscow, which I was depending on while drawing in game:
If you want to see other participant's works check out the article with the results and in case you want to see the work in progress screenshots - go to the Igromania's Facebook page.

Many thanks to all the people working in the Igromania, to the people working in the 1C-SoftClub and all the developers and publishers of the Duke Nukem Forever for this epic contest - never seen anything like that before. Drawing InGame and making a whole damn contest from this epic idea - that trully is epic.
Thanks a lot.