Artwork for the Miracle of Sound's Normandy

Here is the preview of the new song by the Miracle of Sound called "Normandy"

A while ago we decided to make a sort of a collaboration so I did the artwork for this, his most recent song so far.

I've been working on it past few days (it was much of a fun for sure). Enjoyed studying the Normandy ship, it's construction in different models - even had an idea to draw it like the first ship flows into a newer version but eventually came up with this and decided to finish since it looked fitting.
Here is a little bit of details putted in:
Size of the original painting is 2500 pixels wide and high

All the fonts on the cover have been "stylized" by me - was like my favourite part about doing this piece even (:
And again - here is a closer look at all the text:
On the top of this image is the original Mass Effect 2 logo. Everything else is "handcrafted" by me
So like the video on the YouTube, follow both Hieronymus7Z and Miracle of Sound on twitter, check out his other songs out here and watch a music video for the Normandy on the Escapist.
Probably, we both will continue working together since now, so stay tuned. (: